Flip-In Ponytail: Styles

Grab your ponytail extensions on Black Friday!

Flip-In Hair Ponytails are an easy and hair-safe way to add that extra bit of elegance to your look. They’re the natural choice for an instant ponytail, uniquely designed so that they simply hook around your existing ponytail.

Types of Ponytail

There’s nothing like a slick, Kim K high-pony to show your professional edge. From boardrooms to ballrooms, this look will always deliver on any occasion.

Low Bun
Known for her on-screen performances, here at Flip-In we commend Jennifer Lawrence for always nailing the low bun! By starting your ponytail at the base of your head, you can get the chic low bun look. A celebrity look for a lower price.

Low Pony
Be on-trend this season and try out a low pony look. Making countless appearances at the awards shows this year, you can wear this look on the red carpet or the tube to work! This hairstyle can be styled into any look!

Half-up, Half-down
Ariana Grande’s signature style is the perfect look for your upcoming Christmas parties. The bouncy and fun half-up, half-down look is easily done with the Flip-In Hair Ponytail!

How to apply the Flip-In Hair Ponytail

Step 1: Put your own hair into a ponytail with a fine hairband. Take the ponytail extension and place one hook into the base of your ponytail between your scalp and your own hairband.

Contact us today to find out more about our ponytail extensions and start your journey to better hair. alternatively give our head quarters a call for any questions and queries. We are more than happy to help and guide you to a happier hair life!