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Flip-In Hair Flash

Life is too short to have boring hair!

Ever fancied a flash of colour in your hair… to match an outfit or funk it up a bit?

If so, a Flip-In Hair Flash is the answer!

They are only 5″/12cm wide so add a strip of colour that can be placed anywhere around the head.

Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Burnt Orange, Cranberry, Turquoise, Red

Or, for a subtle alternative, natural colours are available in 8″/20cm, 12″/30cm and 16″/40cm lengths.

The Flip-In Hair Flash can be heat styled to blend in with your own hair, giving a flash of colour as your hair moves.

8″ looks great in the fringe! 

Flip-In Hair Flash Flip-In Hair