Life is too short to have boring hair!

Ever fancied a flash of colour in your hair… to match an outfit or funk it up a bit?

If so, a Flip-In Hair Flash is the answer!

They are only 5″/12cm wide so add a strip of colour that can be placed anywhere around the head.

Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Burnt Orange, Cranberry, Turquoise, Red

Or, for a subtle alternative, natural colours are available in 8″/20cm, 12″/30cm and 16″/40cm lengths.

The Flip-In Hair Flash can be heat styled to blend in with your own hair, giving a flash of colour as your hair moves.

8″ looks great in the fringe! 


To be the leaders in damage free hair extension products and the brand of choice by reputation; Offering quality, innovation and outstanding service to all who care about hair.



Hi. Just a little message to say thank you for all your help. I recieved my hair today and it looks fab. I haven’t tried it in yet as need to get my hair coloured but the colour, length and quality is beautiful. Thank you. XX

Just wanted to say how delighted I am with my recent purchase. I have had my extensions trimmed and shaped and it has transformed my very fine hair (I lack confidence due to this). The colour match is perfect, thank you so much!

Can I take this opportunity though to say what a fantastic product Flip In is, I have a thin head of hair and actually wear the product everyday and have done so now for 3 years with no damage to my own hair my hairdresser matches it perfectly and nobody knows it is not my hair so feel great, I have had permanent extensions in the past and they are so irritating and too much upkeep I love the fact I take my hair out at night and can wash as and when required, I also have different styled pieces

Really pleased with my flip-in, Its so easy to put in! X

Absolutely love my flip in hair. Fantastic product and amazing service. Thank you.

They match my own colour so well. So thick and beautiful will definitely recommend to any of my friends!

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