Ponytail Extension

The Flip-In Hair Ponytail: All You Need To Know

A full, flawless ponytail is an enviable style for those that can create a perfectly positioned, voluminous cascade of shining, healthy hair. Creating the right shape, though, can be tricky. Most of us don’t think about our ponytail, it’s just the easiest grab-a-band and go hair solution for all occasions – the gym, the shops, or even to show off the neckline of a cocktail dress. But, the height of your ponytail can transform a look from business formal to party-ready glam, and how tight the hair is pulled into a band can drastically alter which of our facial features are enhanced by our style. Thankfully, we’ve created a handy guide to a perfect ponytail, so you can achieve a flawless finish time and time again.



Wearing Your Ponytail

For those blessed with cherub-like cheeks and a round face, the higher the ponytail, the better. This will balance your cheeks – especially if you create volume in the front of the style, too – to elongate your facial structure. A voluminous ponytail full of body is your ideal pony partner.


Sleeker styles work best for those flaunting heart and diamond-shaped facial contours. Keeping the ponytail straightened to accentuate and balance your features, a mid-height ponytail with glossy lengths will compliment your complexion without causing unbalance to your overall look.


The beautiful features of square faces can be perfectly accentuated for a power-forward look, with sky-high styles. But if you want to achieve a balanced, less-angular appearance, opt for a mid-height ponytail with lots of curls. These will soften the angles of your jawline, giving you the illusion of a more proportionate structure.


And for the lucky ones with an oval face shape – anything goes! Since you can try any height and degree of volume and texture, why not try a new style outside of your comfort zone?


How It Works

Our Flip-In Hair Ponytails are simple and easy to fit. Once you’ve secured your hair at your desired height with a fine elastic hair tie, fit one of the two hooks on your Flip-In Hair underneath your natural ponytail between the band and your scalp. Simply wrap the extension around your hair band at the top of your ponytail, and secure the second hook underneath your ponytail in a similar way, close to your scalp. To disguise the top of the extension, take a two-centimeter section of hair and wrap it around the top of the ponytail, and secure underneath the style with a hair grip.


Flip-In Hair Ponytail Styles

The simple ponytail is a gateway to so many other styles, that can all be enhanced with our Flip-In Hair Ponytail. While the initial ponytail placement will likely stay the same for your most flattering hairstyle, you can modify your updo with our simple extensions.


Add Plaits

Plaits and braids are a beautiful way of adding something special to your ponytail. Whether you opt for a French crown that sits atop your ponytail; a Dutch braid that extends from your hairline to the ends of your lengths; or you adapt your ponytail with a messy-chic fishtail plait, our Flip-In Hair Ponytail offers you the flexibility and security of plaiting your hair without any unsightly, uneven braiding.


Messy Bun

The elusive messy bun is an art form in itself. Attach your Flip-In Hair Ponytail as normal to start, then, twist the length of the ponytail, letting it loosely wrap and fold around the base of the ponytail. Secure the bun with a hair tie and grips, and then gently tease the pulled-back hair and the lengths of the bun to create that messed-up effect. Perfect for between wash days!


The Bubble

Just like the return of scrunchies, the bubble ponytail is making a comeback. After securing your Flip-In Hair Ponytail extension to a high ponytail, simply add hair elastics at even distances apart down the length of your ponytail. Tease each section of the hair to create the bubble between these elastics, and voila! This looks great if you just use a few elastics near the top of your ponytail, then let those glossy lengths fly free.


Buy Flip-In Hair Ponytail

To find your perfect Flip-In Hair ponytail – which comes in an amazing range of colours and shades to suit everyone – visit our online shop to buy direct. Or, use our website to find a local supplier, who can help you to choose and fit your updated go-to style.