Hair Extension Styling

Styling Your Flip-In Hair Extensions

With the spring in full swing, and Summer just around the corner, there’s plenty to be excited about! However, with your schedule so full of social events, it can be tricky to know how to style your hair so you can look fabulous even in the heat! Luckily, at Flip-In Hair, we’ve put together some of our favourite long-hair looks to see you through summer, and what’s more, all of them are easily achievable with our innovative wired hair extension styling.


Beachy Waves

The long days and scorching heats of the Summer of 2018 may be a distant memory, but this stunning style will never go out of season! Loose, effortless-looking textured curls look good on everyone, and are incredibly simple to achieve. After placing and blending your Flip-In Hair extensions with your natural hair, simply section the hair and curl different-sized sections to prevent the hair looking too uniform. Once you’ve finished, add some texture spray for a tousled look and some hairspray to keep it in place and you’re good to go!


Messy Bun

There’s nothing like a messy bun for a low-effort, simple style decision that still looks elegant and glamorous. Perfect for both formal events and a casual night out, a messy bun is the perfect way to capture a timeless style that won’t add hours to your beauty routine. Utilising your

Flip-In Hair extensions can help add extra volume to your look, so after blending, pull your hair back into a loose ponytail, leaving a few strands at the front to frame the face. Then, twist sections of the ponytail and loop them back around to pin at the base and use a grip to pin into place. Once complete, finish with hairspray. For a half-up half-down look, pull only the top section back into the ponytail, leaving the lower half down.


The Sleek Ponytail

If Ariana Grande’s high, smooth, impossibly long ponytail makes you green with envy, the good news is that it’s easy to achieve with the help of a Flip-In Hair Ponytail. All you need to do is pull your own hair back into a ponytail, and secure. Then, use the guide on our website and follow the instructions to create the perfect look.


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