Hair Styling Ideas

No-Heat Hair Styling Ideas

“Hi, the 2000s called and asked for their non-protective, heat-damaging hairstyles back!”

Straighteners and curling wands may have been your best friend in the past but, sweetie, they were definitely not good to your hair. It’s time to ditch the heat damage and liven up your hair with these no-heat hair styling ideas!

Hair Styling Ideas

Overnight Curls

If you can manage to put your overnight oats in the fridge every evening then you can absolutely spend 10 minutes of your night-time routine on some overnight curls! This simple hairstyle can be created in super-quick time and the longest part is sleeping on it – perfect for a lazy Sunday night. You can even apply this hairstyle to your Flip-In wefts with ease as well!

Beach Waves

You don’t have to use curling wands or straighteners to get the super-cute beach wave look! We’ve got a simple style for you to try out! Ensuring your hair is damp, split your hair in a middle-parting and weave in two Dutch braids on either side. This is another style you can leave overnight for better results! Use the Flip-In Original to add length to this windswept, tomboyish hairstyle.

Hair Styling Ideas

Space Buns

Right, it’s getting closer to your hair wash day and your luscious locks are feeling greasier as the hours go by. Of course, we could recommend some dry shampoo and send you on your way, but that’s not our style. You can choose either high or low space buns (we’d recommend high for ultimate grease coverage). Using a middle parting and some patience, twist each section into a bun for a cool and quirky look! For more volume use Flip-In wefts to create thicker buns.

90s Pigtails

As we’re all well aware, the 90s are back and Britney’s iconic pigtails are making the rounds this year. Put together a more modern version of this classic with the half-up/half-down style. Split the top sections in two, preferably using a middle parting, and easily create your pigtails! For an extra pop of colour use Flip-In Flash.

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Hair Styling Ideas

Hair Extensions For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

OK, let’s be honest, 2021 hasn’t gotten off to the best start. With the country plunged into lockdown 3.0 at the beginning of the month, it’s tempting to expect many challenges over the next few months, which is why we’re proud to announce that we’ll still be continuing to post our world-famous hair extensions out to every corner of the globe despite the heightened restrictions.

This brings us neatly around to New Year’s resolutions. Although the beginning of the year might have done much to interfere with your intended lifestyle changes, we’ve made it our mission to supply you with wired hair extensions for every conceivable goal – whether you’re looking to beat the bulge, grow in confidence or secure that all-important promotion!

Work out with our hair extensions!

Gyms may be closed, but you can bet there’ll be no shortage of online exercise classes to see you through the next few months. Fortunately, our hair extensions are durable enough to survive the most intense of workouts and will stay in place no matter what form of exercise or keep-fit session you choose to indulge in to move towards your weight loss goals. Now there’s an accessory you can rely on!

Secure that promotion

Although many of you will be working from home, that doesn’t mean that a promotion is beyond the realms of possibility. As times are hard, employers will value your commitment and hard work more than they ever have before and this could well be due cause for you to receive an increase in your job responsibilities – and your pay packet! Seal the deal by wearing one of our hair extensions for every Zoom call you attend. This will help you to look the part and maintain your professionalism at all times, even if your bottom half hasn’t quite made it out of your loungewear!

Why choose Flip-In Hair?

Our wired hair extensions feature no clips, no glue and no weaving, which means that they can be fitted in less than a minute and removed in an instant. Visit our website today to browse our extensive product range and be sure to check out our Colour Match to find the right colour or shade for your hair.

For anything else, please call us on 01926 659 500.

Christmas Looks With Flip-In Hair

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.. and Flip-In Hair Extensions? At Flip-in Hair, we’re ready for the Christmas craziness to begin, but not without perfect hair of course!

After having a wildly unnerving year, we’re glad to be seeing the back of 2020 and, with the big day rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your glad rags on to ring in the festive period. Our hair extensions are very easy to fit and perfect for every occasion.

Go-To Styles

It’s Christmas Day, you’ve woken up realising that maybe, just maybe, that 4th (okay 6th) glass of wine wasn’t the best idea and now it’s time to look alive! Use the Flip-In Ponytail to create a sleek low or high ponytail and show off a relaxed yet elegant look. The Flip-In Ponytail makes it easy to create a sleek, chic Ponytail in a matter of minutes. Take a look at this amazing piece to see how you can style it!

Gorgeous Glam Looks

Christmas comes around once a year, so why not go for a high-end look? The Flip-In Original can be used to put together the most luxurious styles such as those big bountiful salon-style blowouts with wefts as long as 20 inches. For an equally glam look, go for an easy half-up bun style and create super-long locks with something a little extra. Perhaps a more simple straight look is more suited to you? No problem, use our extensions to simply add layers and volume!


Add a little bit of spice to your hair this festive season with angelic accessories to take your hair to the next level. Trending this season are items such as big hair clips, thick headbands, pearl accessories and scrunchies. We’re sure you can tell that big accessories are in this winter – make a statement with a cute hairpiece!

If you are interested in the products mentioned above contact us today or call us on 01926 659 500.

Give Flip-In Hair As A Gift This Christmas!

Flip-In Hair offers temporary, damage-free wired hair extensions that add luxurious length and vivacious volume to your existing hair in less than a minute! With our innovative layering and fitting techniques, all of our products have been designed with your comfort in mind.

Here at Flip-In, we understand it’s been a difficult year filled with uncertainty and with Christmas around the corner it seems the stress isn’t easing for any of us.

Yet, as the festive season approaches, it’s time to get those gifts ordered and ready for those you care about most. We know that choosing a gift for your loved ones can be tricky, which is why we’re offering 30% off absolutely everything, from Flip-In Flash to Flip-In Lite! Find our unique discount code at the end of this blog for 30% off your purchase and any purchase made up until 25th December.

We understand the holiday season can be an extremely expensive and stressful time of year, so we wanted to gift not only the recipient of our products but also the person purchasing our extensions!

Extensions for Everyday

We have an extensive range of products, so it won’t be hard to find that special someone a gift that’s perfectly suited to them. Give them a look they’re going to love by opting for our quick and easy ponytail extension – this will help to achieve that Ariana Grande-esque Hollywood look.

Or perhaps they’d appreciate a sleek Flip-In original in the form of a classic halo extension! This is a simple solution for anyone looking to add extra length or volume to their existing hair.

Get creative with Flip-In Hair Flash, and choose one of our adventurous colours to add a pop to your giftee’s hair! With so many exciting colours such as a glamorous green, radiant red, bashful blue and many more, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice!

Why Choose Flip-In?

Our innovative, easy-to-fit extensions require no clips, glue or weaving! Using halo extensions means that our hair takes less than a minute to fit and even less time to remove! Our products are available in an array of colours and lengths, so we have everything you need to give Flip-In Hair as a gift this Christmas.

By using our Colour Match, it couldn’t be easier to find the correct shade of extension for your lucky recipient! Simply go to our website and find the Colour Match page to see just how many shades we have to offer!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is the perfect time to give someone you love a striking new look. And even though we may not be able to celebrate quite how we normally would, that still doesn’t mean we can’t look good!

To get your hands on that amazing 30% discount, simply enter the code OFFER30 at the checkout to apply it to your basket.

For more information on our products call us on 01926 659 500 or visit our website.

easy fit hair extensions

Summer Hair

Summer isn’t cancelled!

That’s right, summer 2020 can still be epic. Although many of us are getting fed up of being stuck indoors with all of our travel plans cancelled, there’s still a great summer to be had. 

Take matters into your own hands and use this time to work on yourself, go on long walks and video chat with old friends. Get ready for post-lockdown by resting up, getting some exercise in and stunning your friends with a new look. And no – we don’t mean cutting your own hair!!! 

Add length and volume to your hair with Flip-In Hair products and style them just like you would your own hair for a natural, blended finish. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some cute ways to practise styling your Flip-In Hair Extensions while in lockdown!

Sleek and Sexy

Whether you’re preparing to celebrate a belated birthday or make a good impression when you get back to the office, the sleek look is worthy of such celebrities as the Hadid sisters, the Kardashian clan and, now, you! 

Make sure you blow-dry and straighten your hair and extensions before fitting them. Rock a middle parting to achieve that extra slicked-down look. The length your Flip-In Hair Extensions can provide you with will give your hairstyle more drama than an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Bouncy Curls 

There’s no better way to make a statement than with big, bouncy curls. Be the life and soul of the party for post-lockdown festivities with hair to match the mood. Flip-In Hair Extensions can be curled just like your natural hair and will add all the volume you’ll need to turn heads. 

Practise your look in lockdown so you nail it on your first night back on the town. 

Beach Waves

While holidays have been cancelled left, right and centre, you can still bring the beach to you! Beach waves are a staple look that always bring an effortlessly chic edge to your outfit. For simple waves, begin about halfway down your hair, around ear-level, and curl your hair loosely in different directions. Do the same to your Flip-In Hair Extensions and fit for mermaid-like length. Shake up your hair and use some salt spray for that tousled effect. 

If you have thinner hair, try our Flip-In Hair Lite to achieve a seamless look. 

Get your dream hair 

Here at Flip-In Hair, we focus on making your dream hair a reality. With luxury hair extensions, you can upgrade your look with no damage to your natural hair. To learn more about our range of products, visit our website. To contact us, call us on 01926 659 500.


Flip-In Hair’s Summer Offer – £15 OFF!

Now that we are at the peak of the summer season, here at Flip-In Hair, we think that there isn’t a better time to take advantage of a hair extensions promotion! So, when you get to the check-out when purchasing our original hair-extensions, be sure to enter our discount code: FIH15 before you hit confirm! With Flip-In hair’s summer offer you get £15 off any of any shade and any length of our Flip-In Hair extensions – this offer is running all the way until the 31st August 2019.


Summer Is The Time For Gorgeous Flowing Locks!

The summer season is full to the brim of excuses to have your hair looking its best self. We are in the midst of holiday, wedding, graduation and festival season, so if you’re sat on the fence and unsure whether to splurge out on giving your hair a lift in volume, length – just a burst of colour – then hopefully our promotion will help you to make your decision.


If you’ve got a holiday or festival booked that you’re excitedly anticipating, then why waste your precious vacation time, escaping the mundanity of 9-5 life, doing your hair? Our Flip-In Hair extensions only take 1 minute to insert and remove. With special occasions such as weddings or graduations, you may want gorgeous, flowing locks for just that day but minus the commitment to traditional extensions; which is why our extensions are the answer for this! Once the special day has come to a close, you can swiftly remove them (but who’s to say you won’t be tempted to put them straight back in the next day?!)


Zero-Damage Extensions

And the best part? You don’t need to sacrifice the health of your hair as our extensions come with zero damaging effects – meaning no glue, weaving, or clips; they simply rest beneath your natural hair and the only minor work you have to do is disguise the wires with your own hair! 

Browse our range of colour shades on our website here – and with Flip-In Hair’s summer offer get £15 off! We recommend assessing the colour of your hair in natural light in order to pinpoint the exact colour to match.

easy hair extensions

Stress-Free Flip-In Hair Extensions

If, like us, you LOVE the feeling you get when you see yourself in the mirror with some brand new hair extensions, then you know all too-well just how much of a struggle it is to get to that point. Most quality hair extensions have to be professionally put in and removed by trained experts, which is not only very time-consuming, but also very costly with each new appointment. This proves to be a problem for those of us with back-to-back schedules and a tight budget. Once they’re in, hair extensions are not only notoriously difficult to maintain and manage, but they can seriously damage your natural hair. While it might be worth the stress, surely there’s a simpler solution?

An Innovation in Hair Extensions


That’s where Flip-In Hair extensions come in! Our innovative products have been providing a very quick and easy solution to your hair extension woes since 2007, and we’ve come so far in the last decade. Internationally recognised, our adjustable wired extensions are designed for comfort and versatility, offering a unique layered design, with a tapered finish and an overall natural look. With no clips, no glue, and no weaving, you can add length and volume in minutes in the comfort of your own home. Our extensions can be removed as easily and they are applied, meaning you can temporarily switch up your style with no long-term commitments and without having to face growing them out! With wiring instructions and detailed hair care guides, looking after your Flip-In Hair extensions is no trouble at all. Eliminate stress and cut back on monthly costs by indulging in your first Flip-In Hair Extension that’ll have you hooked from the get-go!


Extensions to Suit Your Style


Manufactured here in the UK and shipped around the globe, our award-winning extensions are loved the world over. As well as the basic extensions, we offer numerous variations to meet your style wants and needs. Flip-In Hair Flash is a smaller extension that is 5 inches in width and provides a flash of colour to your hair, while Flip-In Hair Lite is half the weight of the Original extensions. Finally, the Flip-In Hair Ponytail simply hooks around your existing hair to give you an instant ponytail. All of our products come in a wide range of natural and bright colours and are made from 100% human hair for an effortless, natural result in seconds.


For more information about any of our products and to make your next purchase, don’t hesitate to visit our website or get in touch today!

Hair Extension Styling

Styling Your Flip-In Hair Extensions

With the spring in full swing, and Summer just around the corner, there’s plenty to be excited about! However, with your schedule so full of social events, it can be tricky to know how to style your hair so you can look fabulous even in the heat! Luckily, at Flip-In Hair, we’ve put together some of our favourite long-hair looks to see you through summer, and what’s more, all of them are easily achievable with our innovative wired hair extension styling.


Beachy Waves

The long days and scorching heats of the Summer of 2018 may be a distant memory, but this stunning style will never go out of season! Loose, effortless-looking textured curls look good on everyone, and are incredibly simple to achieve. After placing and blending your Flip-In Hair extensions with your natural hair, simply section the hair and curl different-sized sections to prevent the hair looking too uniform. Once you’ve finished, add some texture spray for a tousled look and some hairspray to keep it in place and you’re good to go!


Messy Bun

There’s nothing like a messy bun for a low-effort, simple style decision that still looks elegant and glamorous. Perfect for both formal events and a casual night out, a messy bun is the perfect way to capture a timeless style that won’t add hours to your beauty routine. Utilising your

Flip-In Hair extensions can help add extra volume to your look, so after blending, pull your hair back into a loose ponytail, leaving a few strands at the front to frame the face. Then, twist sections of the ponytail and loop them back around to pin at the base and use a grip to pin into place. Once complete, finish with hairspray. For a half-up half-down look, pull only the top section back into the ponytail, leaving the lower half down.


The Sleek Ponytail

If Ariana Grande’s high, smooth, impossibly long ponytail makes you green with envy, the good news is that it’s easy to achieve with the help of a Flip-In Hair Ponytail. All you need to do is pull your own hair back into a ponytail, and secure. Then, use the guide on our website and follow the instructions to create the perfect look.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our online shop to purchase the extensions you need to create your perfect party look!

Ponytail Extension

The Flip-In Hair Ponytail: All You Need To Know

A full, flawless ponytail is an enviable style for those that can create a perfectly positioned, voluminous cascade of shining, healthy hair. Creating the right shape, though, can be tricky. Most of us don’t think about our ponytail, it’s just the easiest grab-a-band and go hair solution for all occasions – the gym, the shops, or even to show off the neckline of a cocktail dress. But, the height of your ponytail can transform a look from business formal to party-ready glam, and how tight the hair is pulled into a band can drastically alter which of our facial features are enhanced by our style. Thankfully, we’ve created a handy guide to a perfect ponytail, so you can achieve a flawless finish time and time again.



Wearing Your Ponytail

For those blessed with cherub-like cheeks and a round face, the higher the ponytail, the better. This will balance your cheeks – especially if you create volume in the front of the style, too – to elongate your facial structure. A voluminous ponytail full of body is your ideal pony partner.


Sleeker styles work best for those flaunting heart and diamond-shaped facial contours. Keeping the ponytail straightened to accentuate and balance your features, a mid-height ponytail with glossy lengths will compliment your complexion without causing unbalance to your overall look.


The beautiful features of square faces can be perfectly accentuated for a power-forward look, with sky-high styles. But if you want to achieve a balanced, less-angular appearance, opt for a mid-height ponytail with lots of curls. These will soften the angles of your jawline, giving you the illusion of a more proportionate structure.


And for the lucky ones with an oval face shape – anything goes! Since you can try any height and degree of volume and texture, why not try a new style outside of your comfort zone?


How It Works

Our Flip-In Hair Ponytails are simple and easy to fit. Once you’ve secured your hair at your desired height with a fine elastic hair tie, fit one of the two hooks on your Flip-In Hair underneath your natural ponytail between the band and your scalp. Simply wrap the extension around your hair band at the top of your ponytail, and secure the second hook underneath your ponytail in a similar way, close to your scalp. To disguise the top of the extension, take a two-centimeter section of hair and wrap it around the top of the ponytail, and secure underneath the style with a hair grip.


Flip-In Hair Ponytail Styles

The simple ponytail is a gateway to so many other styles, that can all be enhanced with our Flip-In Hair Ponytail. While the initial ponytail placement will likely stay the same for your most flattering hairstyle, you can modify your updo with our simple extensions.


Add Plaits

Plaits and braids are a beautiful way of adding something special to your ponytail. Whether you opt for a French crown that sits atop your ponytail; a Dutch braid that extends from your hairline to the ends of your lengths; or you adapt your ponytail with a messy-chic fishtail plait, our Flip-In Hair Ponytail offers you the flexibility and security of plaiting your hair without any unsightly, uneven braiding.


Messy Bun

The elusive messy bun is an art form in itself. Attach your Flip-In Hair Ponytail as normal to start, then, twist the length of the ponytail, letting it loosely wrap and fold around the base of the ponytail. Secure the bun with a hair tie and grips, and then gently tease the pulled-back hair and the lengths of the bun to create that messed-up effect. Perfect for between wash days!


The Bubble

Just like the return of scrunchies, the bubble ponytail is making a comeback. After securing your Flip-In Hair Ponytail extension to a high ponytail, simply add hair elastics at even distances apart down the length of your ponytail. Tease each section of the hair to create the bubble between these elastics, and voila! This looks great if you just use a few elastics near the top of your ponytail, then let those glossy lengths fly free.


Buy Flip-In Hair Ponytail

To find your perfect Flip-In Hair ponytail – which comes in an amazing range of colours and shades to suit everyone – visit our online shop to buy direct. Or, use our website to find a local supplier, who can help you to choose and fit your updated go-to style.

Ponytail Extension

Flip-In Hair for the Extension Amateur

Taking the leap into the world of hair extensions can be daunting, particularly for complete newbies that are nervous of rookie mistakes when buying. When it comes to dreaming of shiny full-bodied waves or ultra-long mermaid manes, considering hair extensions is the obvious next step to enhance your natural locks. But, there can be some hurdles to overcome before you commit.

Finding Your Style

The first step is to decide which kind of extensions you think will work best for you. If you’re happy and comfortable with your natural tresses, that’s fantastic! Making peace with your natural hair colour and texture does wonders for your self-esteem, and we couldn’t be prouder of you. But we know that sometimes, change is good – for one-off use or a special occasion, mixing up your look can take you to new realms of confidence. If this is the case, temporary extensions are about to become your latest special occasion accessory.


But if you’re considering extensions for the first time and are hoping to add volume and body to lacklustre hair, it’s important to know what you’re committing yourself to. Permanent hair extensions use adhesive bonds that can damage your hair, and they take hours to fit professionally. Plus, they are a commitment of at least three months – they’re not ideal if you only want them for one evening. A different option that will boost your peace-of-mind before committing to more permanent extensions are temporary ones. But, beware temporary extensions that look unnatural, mismatched, and with large fixings: clip-based extensions can be uncomfortable to wear, and can snag the hair causing split end-like fraying of the strands. The large clips are also difficult to disguise, which can really put you off extensions forever.

The Flip-In Solution


Thankfully, our Flip-In Hair extensions can offer you all the benefits of added volume and length, without the damage, risk or commitment of other methods. For the hair extension amateur, our wired system is easy to fit and adjust for a comfortable, temporary wear that will stay in place all day (or night!). With no sharp clips, edges or chemicals, our extensions will not damage your natural hair, and you won’t have to alter your original hairstyle to accommodate them. With our 100% human hair available in an incredible range of colours, shades and textures, you’ll also find it easy to choose the right Flip-In Hair for you. We have registered stockists across the UK to offer you support and guidance, who can show you how to fit your very own Flip-In Hair.


Flip-In Hair are a great choice for novices to the world of extensions, or for those that simply want an easy, damage-free way of spicing up their look – without the commitment of expensive salon-based treatments. To see our expansive range of temporary hair extensions, visit our online shop. Or to find out more about our various styles, keep browsing our website!