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How It Works

How It Works Flip-In Hair

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How It Works Flip-In Hair

Wiring Instructions

  1. Flip-In Hair wire is already tied at one side and secured by three knots. Thread the other end of the wire through the middle of the two loops on the opposite side.
  2. Separate the loops. Thread the wire back over the top of the first loop and through the middle of the second loop.
  3. Put Flip-In Hair onto your head and pull the end of the wire until it fits securely.
  4. Remove the Flip-In Hair from your head and tie three knots to secure the wire. Cut off any excess wire and it is ready to wear.
How It Works Flip-In Hair

Hair Care Guide

  • Wash you Flip-In Hair product as little as possible.
  • Prior to washing, gently brush the hair through.
  • Apply hair extension shampoo from root to tip.
  • Follow with conditioner in the same way.
  • Flip-In Hair can be styled with heated appliances.
  • Prior to settling, apply a heat protector.
  • Hang straight hair between wears (hanger provided).
  • Lay wavy hair flat between wears.
  • Do not wear when swimming or sleeping.
  • Not recommended for children due to risk of strangulation.
  • Any colour treatment or modification invalidates the warranty.
  • For external use only.
  • Flammable.