You asked – and we listened! We’ve tried and tested some eco-friendly packaging recently, however we found it wasn’t being received too well. We were given some constructive feedback from our lovely customers and realised that it wasn’t meeting our usual standards. We are planning to return to our original packaging, and in the meantime, we will figure out alternative ways to contribute to being more eco-friendly.


Our original packaging was high-quality plastic ‘jackets’, however, we since wanted to partake in using less plastic as part of becoming more eco-friendly. We made the change to use paper envelopes to reduce our use of plastic. However, we received feedback expressing that our customer’s weren’t satisfied with the quality of the new material. So, we went back to the drawing board and after lots of discussion, made the decision to return to our original packaging as making sure our Extensions get to you in the same high-standard condition that they left us, is important for our customers.


Your reviews are incredibly important to us as these are our best source to rely on for improving our services. We read and take every single one of our reviews into consideration, and ensure to convert feedback into ways we can improve our products and customer service. So that’s why, as you may have spotted already, that we’re offering you £20 off your next purchase with us here at Flip-In Hair! Simply leave us a genuine review on Google regarding your experience with Flip-In Hair; let us know when you’ve done so, and we’ll send you over your own unique code to claim £20 off your next purchase with us!

So leave us a review on Google, then browse our wide-range of Extensions here whilst you await your exclusive code to pop in at the check-out to claim £20 off your purchase! (which should be delivered in our original packaging by this time!)

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