Flip-In Hair Extensions

Why We Recommend Our Straight Flip-In Hair Extensions

In a perfect world, we all wish we had flowing, voluminous hair and the freedom to style it how we wish, minus the hassle. However, that’s not the case for everyone, so we opt for hair extensions to enhance the appearance of our hair in order to achieve our desired hair-style and full, flowing locks!

Here at Flip-In Hair, we pride ourselves on the fact that our extensions grant your hair a natural-looking uplift in appearance without inflicting any damage, or using glue or chemicals.

Adapting Your Style

Today, we want to talk specifically about our most-favoured Flip-In Hair Extensions: our Straight Hair Extensions. These open up the versatility of styling your hair how you want depending on the day or occasion; thereby, you are not restricted to one permanent hair-style which makes them the most popular choice in our range. So, whether that be you opt for beach waves, which is perfect for the upcoming summer days, or sleek, straight hair if you’re classing it up for an evening event, or even everyday bouncy curls to add life to your hair! Some of us just want to simply modify everyday updos such as ponytails or plaits – and our extensions can add extra volume for a fuller look.

Our Straight Hair Extensions are our best ‘all-rounder’ product in terms of styling, allowing you to adapt your hair for any occasion or style!

Not Your Usual Hair Extensions

Unlike other traditional hair extensions, our extensions involve no clips, no chemicals nor are they time-consuming to insert. Here at Flip-In Hair, we pride ourselves on the fact that our vast range of products can accommodate all requests – keeping styling stress and damage-free!

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