Flip-In Brilliant Hair Extensions

Flip-In Brilliant Extensions

The “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme is now in full swing and people are rushing to restaurants and bars to capitalise on this offer. However, the restaurants aren’t the only places filling up, with hair and beauty salons also working at max capacity. You might be thinking about that first meal out, but what do you do if your hair is leaving something to be desired? 


Flip-In Hair is proud to have been supplying bespoke hair extensions since 2007. In that time, we have grown substantially, spreading to nearly 50 countries to date. We may have gotten bigger but our brand is still built on the same values: supplying our range of innovative, temporary and damage-free hair extension products to customers from all walks of life. 

The Flip-In Way 

There are so many brands of hair extensions on the market. Most are cheap and require a lot of effort to use – they also end up hurting your head after a few hours of wear.  Heck, you probably spend longer applying them than wearing them! 


We are proud of the fact that we are different – Flip-In Hair Extensions are wired and adjustable so they can perfectly fit the size and shape of your head. Furthermore, all our hair extensions feature no clips, no glue and no weaving. This means that they take less than a minute to fit and literally a second to remove. Our unique design allows for optimum comfort and makes them super easy to use. Fit them in a matter of seconds in the comfort of your own home, and say goodbye to costly salon visits and lengthy hair maintenance. 

Patented for Perfection 

Our extensions are designed to be different. As such, our product is patented so you should only buy from Flip-In-approved suppliers to ensure you are getting the real deal! 


You might be wondering what makes our extensions so exciting? Ours are the only extensions on the market that are made with two metals loops on one side and an elastic loop on the other. These loops work similarly to a belt mechanism and allow you to tighten or loosen your extensions to fit your head correctly. 


When we send you your bespoke hair extensions we will attach our wire to the elastic loop – it is then up to you to thread the wire through the two metal loops on the other side of the extension. All Flip-In Hair Extensions come with a tail comb to help pull your own hair over the top of them, plus spare wire in case you need it.

Get The Look You’ve Always Wanted

We always strive to provide a quality, helpful and informative service to all of our customers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned Flip-In customer, we will assist you every step of the way! 


To find out more contact us on +44(0)1926 659500 or email us at

Achieve The Perfect Post-Lockdown Look With Flip-In Hair

Achieve The Perfect Post-Lockdown Look

It’s been a tough few months even for the best of us, but with lockdown slowly easing, there is now a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. If you want to look your best for that first night out, you don’t need to spend a fortune to change your image – you just need Flip-In Hair!

Flip-In Hair was founded to provide innovative, damage-free hair extension products. Made from 100% human hair, our products can be curled and straightened by heated appliances. With countless options to choose from, you’ll find the perfect companion for your post-lockdown look.


Beautifully Bespoke

We have 40 standard colours to choose from, ranging from jet black to light blonde. These can be made up of a 2-tone stripe or a tricolour blend.

If you’re looking for a more personal, one-of-a-kind piece, we offer bespoke orders made specifically to your personal requirements, all for an extra £20. Who knew your perfect match would be such good value?

With our bespoke extensions, you can customise:

  • The length
  • The colour mix
  • The style, with the option of having a ponytail or a straight cut.

The extensions are also reversible, so, by simply adding a block colour overlay to one side, you can create an extra look from the same set of extensions!


Flip-In Brilliant

No long-term commitment, no damage, no more traditional hair extensions. Flip-In Hair offers the extensions you love, without all of the unnecessary hassle and maintenance. Our products require no clips, no glue and no weaving and can be added to your hair in an instant without causing any damage.

To use our extensions, put the hair wire on like you would a headband, then move the top section of the hair over for a discreet, natural look. This makes the extensions easily removable, and something that can be achieved in less than a second!


Your Dream Hair Is Just A Call Away!

Choosing to have hair extensions is no longer a drawn-out decision – Flip-In gives you style when you need it! To learn more about our bespoke hair extensions, visit our website or contact us on 01926 659 500.

Flip-In Hair Offer – For our loyal customers

Do you Love the look and feel of having hair extensions but tired of the damage it is doing to your hair? Look no further here at Flip-in Hair our extensions are an instant, temporary extension which are; 100% Human hair, Damage free, simple to fit and remove and can be specifically made to meet your personal requirements. Our extensions are Available in 12″/30cm, 16″/40cm and 20″/50cm lengths, in straight and body wave. 

A perfect and personal fit for a comfortable wear

Flip-In Hair Extensions are a wired extension that can be adjusted to fit any head, perfect for a comfortable and personal feel. The extension can be easily attached and removed by yourself at home, eliminating the need for a costly or lengthy journey to a salon. Our Hair Extensions come in over 40 standard colours – block colours, 2 tone stripe or tri-blends. We can also tailor the extension to your specific needs, make your extension a lighter weight for thinner hair, add extra wefts to make it thicker and fuller or blend the colours. The possibilities are endless to create the perfect extension for you.

Look good in the hair you wear.

Whether it’s big bouncy curls, or a sleek straight finish, wow everyone with your fabulous new look. Creating the natural look simply fit the Flip-In Hair onto your head, use the tail comb provided, lift your own hair over the top and style how you desire. Here at Flip-In Hair, we suggest you blowdry and straighten your extensions before wearing. Our extensions are damage-free, however; we advise you to use a heat protection spray on the extension prior to doing so. Simply apply heat protection spray and you can curl or style however you wish (DO NOT heat the wire)


Prefer your hair up but want a fuller and extended ponytail? Look no further.  Flip-In Hair Ponytails give you extra length and volume and provide you with a natural and instant ponytail look. Flip-In Hair Ponytails  are very easy to fit, siimply hook around your existing hair and the ponytail extension will discreetly cover your own ponytail.Our Ponytails are also available in 12″/30cm, 16″/40cm and 20″/50cm just like our Flip-In Hair Extensions. Our Ponytails can also be curled, straightened and styled as your own. 

What a Flip-In Deal

Here at Flip-In Hair, Many of our clients like to take advantage of the option of wearing their hair up using our ponytails, as well as the option to have a fuller look wearing their hair down with our full Flip-In Hair Extensions. 

We are currently offering a one time only deal. If you buy any colour 16” or 20” full Flip-In Hair Extension (excluding lites) you will receive a free Flip-In Ponytail, matching the colour of your  Flip-in Hair extension. Our Flip-in ponytails range from £44.99 – £79.99, so that’s a huge saving. 

For more information or to steal this one time only deal, Call us on 01926 659 500 to speak to an advisor today.

easy fit hair extensions

Summer Hair

Summer isn’t cancelled!

That’s right, summer 2020 can still be epic. Although many of us are getting fed up of being stuck indoors with all of our travel plans cancelled, there’s still a great summer to be had. 

Take matters into your own hands and use this time to work on yourself, go on long walks and video chat with old friends. Get ready for post-lockdown by resting up, getting some exercise in and stunning your friends with a new look. And no – we don’t mean cutting your own hair!!! 

Add length and volume to your hair with Flip-In Hair products and style them just like you would your own hair for a natural, blended finish. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some cute ways to practise styling your Flip-In Hair Extensions while in lockdown!

Sleek and Sexy

Whether you’re preparing to celebrate a belated birthday or make a good impression when you get back to the office, the sleek look is worthy of such celebrities as the Hadid sisters, the Kardashian clan and, now, you! 

Make sure you blow-dry and straighten your hair and extensions before fitting them. Rock a middle parting to achieve that extra slicked-down look. The length your Flip-In Hair Extensions can provide you with will give your hairstyle more drama than an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Bouncy Curls 

There’s no better way to make a statement than with big, bouncy curls. Be the life and soul of the party for post-lockdown festivities with hair to match the mood. Flip-In Hair Extensions can be curled just like your natural hair and will add all the volume you’ll need to turn heads. 

Practise your look in lockdown so you nail it on your first night back on the town. 

Beach Waves

While holidays have been cancelled left, right and centre, you can still bring the beach to you! Beach waves are a staple look that always bring an effortlessly chic edge to your outfit. For simple waves, begin about halfway down your hair, around ear-level, and curl your hair loosely in different directions. Do the same to your Flip-In Hair Extensions and fit for mermaid-like length. Shake up your hair and use some salt spray for that tousled effect. 

If you have thinner hair, try our Flip-In Hair Lite to achieve a seamless look. 

Get your dream hair 

Here at Flip-In Hair, we focus on making your dream hair a reality. With luxury hair extensions, you can upgrade your look with no damage to your natural hair. To learn more about our range of products, visit our website. To contact us, call us on 01926 659 500.


No Damage Hair Extensions

How to: Hairstyles!

Over the last month we’ve seen a huge change in the world. With the entire country on lockdown, it seems as though we’re all already running out of things to do and looking for new ways to keep us entertained. 

Here at Flip-In Hair, we have already seen a huge increase in self-care while we remain on lockdown for the foreseeable future, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite hairstyles to help keep you feeling and looking your best, while keeping you busy during this uncertain time.

Braided Bun

What you’ll need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Flip-In Ponytail
  • Mini hair elastic bands


Put your hair into a low ponytail and secure your Flip-In Ponytail around it, fastening the hooks into place. 

Plait the hair into a braid and secure with one of your elastic bands. 

Twist the braid around the base of your ponytail and secure with some of your bobby pins.

Easy Deep Waves

What you’ll need:

  • Hair clip
  • Flip-In Hair Extensions
  • Curling iron
  • Paddle brush
  • Hairspray
  • Hair oil


Fit your Flip-In Hair Extensions in your chosen length and colour.

Use a hair clip (or bands) to separate your hair into sections. 

Start curling your hair in inch wide segments, keeping the curls tight. 

To get a Hollywood wave, curl all of the segments in the same direction. For a more natural wave, curl the segments in different directions. 

Leave the tight curls to cool down and then spray with your chosen brand of hairspray. 

Using your paddle brush, brush out the tight curls. 

Keep brushing until you have your ideal level of curl. 

Use a small amount of hair oil and run through your hair to tame any flyaways and give your hair that perfect shine!

Fishtail Plait

What you’ll need:

  • Mini elastic band
  • Flip-In Hair Extensions or Ponytail
  • Hairspray 


Flip in your Extensions and bring your hair to one side. 

*Part the hair in two sections – right and left. 

Take a section of hair from the back of the left-hand section of hair and pull it over the top to join the right-hand section of your hair.

Repeat this instruction with the right-hand section of your hair, this is the start of a fishtail plait. 

Repeat this process until you have a finished braid!

*To create this look with the Flip-In Ponytail, start by securing your hair into a low ponytail to one side, fasten the Ponytail extension by securing the hooks. To make the Ponytail look more natural, wrap a small piece of hair around the base and secure with a bobby pin. 

Now you can start braiding your hair as explained in the above steps!

Flip-In Hair

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Springtime Hairstyles

The best looks with our Flip-In Extensions this spring!

At Flip-In Hair, we love that spring is right around the corner! From the smell of freshly cut grass to the appearance of leaves and flowers, we can start to see the new season coming into the picture. 

The first signs of sun are also keeping us going through the cold and wet spells. To celebrate, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite springtime looks that you can achieve with all of our Flip-In Hair products. Many people think of spring as the time of year to do something new. With the end of Lent and spring cleaning giving us that feeling of starting again, why not try out a new hairstyle this spring?

Soft curls

Nothing says spring like soft curls! With a half-up, half-down look, you can emphasise the length and texture of your hair. You can style your Flip-In Hair products just like your natural hair, so why not try curling your hair for that gorgeous spring look? Try adding a french-plait in for a flower-like finish. 

The Flip-In 

We don’t just love this hairstyle because of its name! The Flip-In, recently sported by J-Lo herself, is an homage to the 60s. With our Flip-In Extensions, you can add the volume needed to pull off this go-go glamour look. By styling the ends of your hair inwards, you can get this J-Lo-worthy hairstyle with ease! 

Colour match

Maybe spring for you just means a colour change? Go lighter in time for summer! At Flip-In Hair, we have over 40 colours for you to choose from, so we can always get your colour perfect! Whether you’re changing your colour or just want to add a fun Flash of colour, Flip-In Hair can help you switch up your look for spring. 

Flip-In Products

Here at Flip-In Hair, we pride ourselves on producing damage-free extensions that you’ll love. With the ability to dye, style and cut them just like your own hair, take advantage of our worldwide shipping today! Visit our website to learn more about the incredible products we offer!