Romantic Hairstyle

Romantic Hairstyle To Try This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re staying at home this Valentine’s Day or going out out, you can still get dressed up! You’ve got the dress, the shoes and the accessories – but what about your hair? Don’t spend ages scrolling through Insta looking for the perfect new romantic hairstyle to recreate, you’ve got better things to do, right?

We’re here to share our favourite romantic hairstyles with you to ensure you can take as little time getting ready as possible, leaving you with more time to spend with your love (or loves, if you’re out with the girls)!


The Ultimate Romantic Hairstyle, Half-Up Half-Down


For decades, the half-up half-down look has been considered one of the most romantic hairstyles and we’re sure you can see why! Many people tend to opt for this style for their wedding, including The Duchess of Cambridge herself. And if it’s good enough for her…

If you’re not keen on a more traditional, slicked back version of this romantic style, you could opt for a curly, twisted alternative. All you need to do is curl your hair away from your face, gather a section of hair underneath your crown, twist it around and pin it to the back of your head. After this, gather sections to the right and left of this middle section and pin it to the same area. You can do this with several more sections of hair to add to this look.

It might seem complicated, but this hairstyle only requires a few bobby pins and a curling iron to achieve! If your hair isn’t quite thick enough, you may need a bit of extra help, which is where Flip-In Hair Lite comes in! It’s perfect for those who don’t want to weigh their hair down but still wish to create the romantic hairstyle of their dreams!


Another Romantic Hairstyle To Try, Old Hollywood Glamour


Best illustrated by Rita Hayworth, beautiful, soft curls were all the rage in the Golden Age of Cinema, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have no place in 2022. This style takes a little bit more time to create but with any luck, it could last for up to an entire wash cycle!

All you need is to get hold of your curling tongs (the wider the barrel, the better) and separate your hair into even sections. When you curl your hair, curl it towards your face. We know this might seem strange but it’s best for this romantic hairstyle. You only need to curl for a few seconds to get this look nailed. When you finish with each curl, try not to disturb each one and pin it up with an alligator clip. Then you need to wait until your hair has completely cooled before you let your curls loose, brush through them and add a little serum for a bit more shine!

You can really pull this look together by adding some extra volume with Flip-In Hair Straight – Wider. This option fits around the back of your head, over the ears and nearer to your face to give you much more to work with!


How We Can Help You This Valentine’s Day


We’re here for all of your romantic hairstyle needs this Valentine’s Day and to make it even easier for you, you can ensure your new extensions match your natural hair with our colour match service.

To find out more about our extensions, or to purchase yours, visit our website today! You can also call us on 01926 659 500 or email

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