About Us

About Us

In early May 2019, FIH Ltd have taken over the license of Flip-In Hair: a global brand for a range of innovative, temporary, damage-free hair extension products including their wired hair extensions and bungee ponytail. The Flip-In Hair trademark and brand was established in 2007 and has sold into 48 countries to date. Designed for comfort, Flip-In Hair products have a unique layered design with a tapered finish for a natural look.

Flip-In Hair Extensions

We often get asked what the difference is between our unique wired hair extensions and other alternatives. Our question to you is: how much time have you got? Quite simply, there isn’t a straightforward, quick answer as there’s just so much to gain from our innovative products. If you’re tired of the damage that more traditional extensions cause to your hair, as well as the cost of maintenance and the long-term commitment, then we’re certain that Flip-In Hair Extensions are the answer for you.

The most obvious difference between our signature products and those of our competitors is that no clips, no glue and no weaving is required during the insertion process. Flip-In Hair extensions are wired and adjustable to perfectly fit the size and shape of your head for optimum comfort and ease. They are easily inserted in a matter of seconds and in the comfort of your home thanks to the simplicity of our design, which eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly salon visits and hair maintenance.

Style When You Need It

In the past, choosing to have hair extensions might have proven to be a big decision, not just because of the cost and the potential for hair damage, but for the commitment to a permanent new style. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll love the outcome, but with Flip-In Hair you can remove your temporary hair extensions as quickly as you put them in. This allows for an immediate style change as and when the occasion calls for it, with a wide range of styles, lengths and colours to choose from.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled, quality, helpful and informative service to all of our clients. Whether you buy from us regularly, or are trying one of our innovative products for the first time, we can guarantee that your customer-experience with our wonderful team at Flip-In Hair will not disappoint you.

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