Flip-In Hair Offer – For our loyal customers

Do you Love the look and feel of having hair extensions but tired of the damage it is doing to your hair? Look no further here at Flip-in Hair our extensions are an instant, temporary extension which are; 100% Human hair, Damage free, simple to fit and remove and can be specifically made to meet your personal requirements. Our extensions are Available in 12″/30cm, 16″/40cm and 20″/50cm lengths, in straight and body wave. 

A perfect and personal fit for a comfortable wear

Flip-In Hair Extensions are a wired extension that can be adjusted to fit any head, perfect for a comfortable and personal feel. The extension can be easily attached and removed by yourself at home, eliminating the need for a costly or lengthy journey to a salon. Our Hair Extensions come in over 40 standard colours – block colours, 2 tone stripe or tri-blends. We can also tailor the extension to your specific needs, make your extension a lighter weight for thinner hair, add extra wefts to make it thicker and fuller or blend the colours. The possibilities are endless to create the perfect extension for you.

Look good in the hair you wear.

Whether it’s big bouncy curls, or a sleek straight finish, wow everyone with your fabulous new look. Creating the natural look simply fit the Flip-In Hair onto your head, use the tail comb provided, lift your own hair over the top and style how you desire. Here at Flip-In Hair, we suggest you blowdry and straighten your extensions before wearing. Our extensions are damage-free, however; we advise you to use a heat protection spray on the extension prior to doing so. Simply apply heat protection spray and you can curl or style however you wish (DO NOT heat the wire)


Prefer your hair up but want a fuller and extended ponytail? Look no further.  Flip-In Hair Ponytails give you extra length and volume and provide you with a natural and instant ponytail look. Flip-In Hair Ponytails  are very easy to fit, siimply hook around your existing hair and the ponytail extension will discreetly cover your own ponytail.Our Ponytails are also available in 12″/30cm, 16″/40cm and 20″/50cm just like our Flip-In Hair Extensions. Our Ponytails can also be curled, straightened and styled as your own. 

What a Flip-In Deal

Here at Flip-In Hair, Many of our clients like to take advantage of the option of wearing their hair up using our ponytails, as well as the option to have a fuller look wearing their hair down with our full Flip-In Hair Extensions. 

We are currently offering a one time only deal. If you buy any colour 16” or 20” full Flip-In Hair Extension (excluding lites) you will receive a free Flip-In Ponytail, matching the colour of your  Flip-in Hair extension. Our Flip-in ponytails range from £44.99 – £79.99, so that’s a huge saving. 

For more information or to steal this one time only deal, Call us on 01926 659 500 to speak to an advisor today.

easy fit hair extensions

Summer Hair

Summer isn’t cancelled!

That’s right, summer 2020 can still be epic. Although many of us are getting fed up of being stuck indoors with all of our travel plans cancelled, there’s still a great summer to be had. 

Take matters into your own hands and use this time to work on yourself, go on long walks and video chat with old friends. Get ready for post-lockdown by resting up, getting some exercise in and stunning your friends with a new look. And no – we don’t mean cutting your own hair!!! 

Add length and volume to your hair with Flip-In Hair products and style them just like you would your own hair for a natural, blended finish. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up some cute ways to practise styling your Flip-In Hair Extensions while in lockdown!

Sleek and Sexy

Whether you’re preparing to celebrate a belated birthday or make a good impression when you get back to the office, the sleek look is worthy of such celebrities as the Hadid sisters, the Kardashian clan and, now, you! 

Make sure you blow-dry and straighten your hair and extensions before fitting them. Rock a middle parting to achieve that extra slicked-down look. The length your Flip-In Hair Extensions can provide you with will give your hairstyle more drama than an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Bouncy Curls 

There’s no better way to make a statement than with big, bouncy curls. Be the life and soul of the party for post-lockdown festivities with hair to match the mood. Flip-In Hair Extensions can be curled just like your natural hair and will add all the volume you’ll need to turn heads. 

Practise your look in lockdown so you nail it on your first night back on the town. 

Beach Waves

While holidays have been cancelled left, right and centre, you can still bring the beach to you! Beach waves are a staple look that always bring an effortlessly chic edge to your outfit. For simple waves, begin about halfway down your hair, around ear-level, and curl your hair loosely in different directions. Do the same to your Flip-In Hair Extensions and fit for mermaid-like length. Shake up your hair and use some salt spray for that tousled effect. 

If you have thinner hair, try our Flip-In Hair Lite to achieve a seamless look. 

Get your dream hair 

Here at Flip-In Hair, we focus on making your dream hair a reality. With luxury hair extensions, you can upgrade your look with no damage to your natural hair. To learn more about our range of products, visit our website. To contact us, call us on 01926 659 500.