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Love Island Makeover Using Flip-In Hair’s Extensions

Whether it be at work, during a catch-up with friends, or through overhearing discussions whilst you’re wandering down the supermarket aisle, ITV’S Love Island is the most popular topic of conversation over these Summer months. Nearly EVERYONE is talking about it, and the show is firing up debates in every work place! At Flip In Hair, we were delighted to find out that our original wired extensions had been included in a recent Love Island-inspired make-over! This was featured in an article in The Sun.

£1k Love Island Inspired Makeover

Writer, Becky Pemberton, underwent an exclusive £1k make-over inspired by ITV’s most popular TV show, which is set in the exotic Spanish location: Majorca. The show centralises around match-making single individuals in hopes of finding a budding romance, whilst lapping up the sun in an exotic, idyllic paradise.

Becky enlisted stylist and beauty guru, Mikey Phillips, who had styled numerous Love Islanders over the past few years to fulfill the makeover.

We were thrilled to find out that Flip-In Hair Extensions were used for Becky’s hair transformation! Throughout her glamorous transformation, Mikey ensured that she “looked like the ultimate reality star show pony”, by fixing a “£180 hair piece from Flip-In Hair onto the top of my head within seconds”, granting her with “fuller and longer wavy locks”. Becky then exclaimed how she “fell in love with my new hairstyle immediately and never wanted to take the real-hair extensions out.”

Get Your Flip-In Hair

So if you want to look like the beautiful Becky post-makeover, browse the range of extensions on our website now to transform your lacklustre hair to voluminous, full of body, flowing, glamorous locks!

If you would like to read Becky’s article about the entire experience, check it out here. Or contact us here for more info.

Flip-In Hair’s Summer Offer – £15 OFF!

Now that we are at the peak of the summer season, here at Flip-In Hair, we think that there isn’t a better time to take advantage of a hair extensions promotion! So, when you get to the check-out when purchasing our original hair-extensions, be sure to enter our discount code: FIH15 before you hit confirm! With Flip-In hair’s summer offer you get £15 off any of any shade and any length of our Flip-In Hair extensions – this offer is running all the way until the 31st August 2019.


Summer Is The Time For Gorgeous Flowing Locks!

The summer season is full to the brim of excuses to have your hair looking its best self. We are in the midst of holiday, wedding, graduation and festival season, so if you’re sat on the fence and unsure whether to splurge out on giving your hair a lift in volume, length – just a burst of colour – then hopefully our promotion will help you to make your decision.


If you’ve got a holiday or festival booked that you’re excitedly anticipating, then why waste your precious vacation time, escaping the mundanity of 9-5 life, doing your hair? Our Flip-In Hair extensions only take 1 minute to insert and remove. With special occasions such as weddings or graduations, you may want gorgeous, flowing locks for just that day but minus the commitment to traditional extensions; which is why our extensions are the answer for this! Once the special day has come to a close, you can swiftly remove them (but who’s to say you won’t be tempted to put them straight back in the next day?!)


Zero-Damage Extensions

And the best part? You don’t need to sacrifice the health of your hair as our extensions come with zero damaging effects – meaning no glue, weaving, or clips; they simply rest beneath your natural hair and the only minor work you have to do is disguise the wires with your own hair! 

Browse our range of colour shades on our website here – and with Flip-In Hair’s summer offer get £15 off! We recommend assessing the colour of your hair in natural light in order to pinpoint the exact colour to match.

Flip-In Hair Extensions

Why We Recommend Our Straight Flip-In Hair Extensions

In a perfect world, we all wish we had flowing, voluminous hair and the freedom to style it how we wish, minus the hassle. However, that’s not the case for everyone, so we opt for hair extensions to enhance the appearance of our hair in order to achieve our desired hair-style and full, flowing locks!

Here at Flip-In Hair, we pride ourselves on the fact that our extensions grant your hair a natural-looking uplift in appearance without inflicting any damage, or using glue or chemicals.

Adapting Your Style

Today, we want to talk specifically about our most-favoured Flip-In Hair Extensions: our Straight Hair Extensions. These open up the versatility of styling your hair how you want depending on the day or occasion; thereby, you are not restricted to one permanent hair-style which makes them the most popular choice in our range. So, whether that be you opt for beach waves, which is perfect for the upcoming summer days, or sleek, straight hair if you’re classing it up for an evening event, or even everyday bouncy curls to add life to your hair! Some of us just want to simply modify everyday updos such as ponytails or plaits – and our extensions can add extra volume for a fuller look.

Our Straight Hair Extensions are our best ‘all-rounder’ product in terms of styling, allowing you to adapt your hair for any occasion or style!

Not Your Usual Hair Extensions

Unlike other traditional hair extensions, our extensions involve no clips, no chemicals nor are they time-consuming to insert. Here at Flip-In Hair, we pride ourselves on the fact that our vast range of products can accommodate all requests – keeping styling stress and damage-free!

Browse our Flip-In Hair Extensions here or contact us here for more info.